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I am a Japanese movie blogger.I wrote a blog introducing Japanese anime movies in ranking form, so I translated it into English.

This blog may have funny sentences since it is translation by Google translation,but please forgive us.If you do correct English translation please contact me.

The main feature of the Cool Japan policy promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is Japanamation.Japan is going to earn with animation from now on.Japan does not lose to Disney, Pixar.
Hayao Miyazaki, Makoto Shinkai, Mamoru Hosoda and so on,Japan has a lot of such great masters.You may guess that animation is what geek or children watches!You should reflect on this movie of the ranking.We are proud to have animation in Japan!

The japan animation movie that I recommend is the following 10 works!
Please note that the linked page is only in Japanese.


Directed By:Mamoru Oshii
CAST:Mimi Woods/Richard George/William Frederick

Is it a human like a robot or a humanoid robot?

I’d like to keep movie works with established reputation for the time being when making a great ranking such as world-proud JAPANIMATION since Actually I am not familiar with animation movies.As expected, if I fill this ranking with Studio Ghibli pieces, no one is interested in this ranking.

So this work is a work that gives us confidence in this ranking, a sense of security for me.
“Mr.GHOST IN THE SHELL I am glad just being there without doing anything”
That’s how it is.

In short, I think that I do not understand the goodness of this movie as much as half an enthusiastic fan.Because I thought that the “Section 9” to which the Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell belonged to was the “old family”。(note.”9” and “old” in Japanese are the same pronunciation)
I was wondering why it belongs to the “old family” although it is an SF movie.It was misunderstood that it might be a property dispute with “old family” and “branch”.So I thought it would be impossible for me to not let this work rank in, so I ranked in this:-}


Directed By:Satoshi Kon
CAST:Megumi Hayashibara/Toru Furuya/Toru Emori

A cold attitude in reality but affectionate in a dream

Director Satoshi Kon died at the young age of 46 years old in 2010, but he seems to be a highly anime director not only from Japan but also from overseas.Apparently it seems to have influenced Christopher Nolan.Many people evaluate this paprika as the best work in Satoshi Kon’s work, so those who have never watched Satoshi Kon’s movie recommend that you watch this first.

It may not be understood just by watching it once because it is a bit confusing story, but just enjoy without thinking too hard.Let’s enjoy the “TSUNDERE” condition that the appearance and personality will change at all if the main character is in a dream.In addition to this “TSUNDERE”, I felt that the relationship between the main character and a fat genius researcher was very erotic.

And that is impressive is Ending Theme (Susumu Hirasawa “The Girl in Byakkoya – White Tiger Field”).It’s a light song that is perfect for this movie.

Director Satoshi Kon seems to be influenced by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, surely this movie will also come out like a Blade Runner (Original author is Phillip · K · Dick).In addition, it seems that “Inception” starring Leonardo DiCaprio is based on paprika, and the baton of the SF industry seems to be inherited like this.


Directed By:Hideaki Anno
CAST:Megumi Ogata/Kotono Mitsuishi/Megumi Hayashibara

Director Anano, leave Godzilla alone, make Evangelion’s final edition quickly!

I loved Evangelion.But I liked TV version Evangelion.I enjoyed excitement for 30 minutes each week.It seemed that it was impossible to summarize the world of Evangelion in two hours.Many movies of Evangelion were made afterwards but none of the works exceeded the excitement of the TV series.
The new series of Evangelion does not seem to have any meaning in the difference between Soryu and Shikinami。I am looking forward to completion, but I do not feel like it will exceed the excitement of the TV version.

However, since there is no doubt that it is the representative animation in Japan, the first work of the movie version which should also be called a TV version summary is ranked in.Service!Service!(note: this is the line used in the TV trailer in Japan)

Garden of Words

Directed By:Makoto Shinkai
CAST:Miyu Irino/Kana Hanazawa/Fumi Hirano

Tokyo Nostalgia!Realistic sensation than live-action movies!

It’s been ten years since I moved to Kyoto, but I grew up in Tokyo.There are many movies depicting the nostalgia of people who came out of Tokyo from the rural areas, but I do not see many works depicting the nostalgia that grew up in Tokyo.

This movie is never such a kind of movie, but for me it was a perfectly Tokyo nostalgic movie.Shinjuku Imperial Garden,Sendagaya Station,NTT Docomo Tower,Shinjuku Station,Sobu line etc.These things are my memories themselves.Moreover, the picture is very real。I felt like I got soaked in the scene of the shower, and I began to cry unintentionally as “Ouch!” in the scene where Yukino falls at the emergency staircase.I do not even think that live-action movies are better if they are to draw elaborately so far, but after all I wonder if there is goodness to express with pictures

The story goes frantically, but the foot measurement scene is really sensual.

Please release the lacrimal glands unexpectedly with the climax of the story that progresses very delicately.Senri Oe’s song “Rain” covered by Motohiro Hata is also very nostalgic!


Directed By:Katsuhiro Otomo

CAST:Cameron Clarke/Jan Rabson/Lara Cody

A monumental science fiction anime movie that can not fade even after decades!

I think the coined word Japanamation is a word that AKIRA was able to evaluate abroad.In short, because there is AKIRA, this ranking is there.It is Monumental work of an SF animation movie anymore no longer necessary for explanation.I watched it over 20 years ago, but I received a considerable shock.I was really shocked, but I do not remember much of the contents. I’m sorry.I wrote “that can not fade even after decades”, but my memory faded somewhat

I do not know the point of anime-like praise, but anyway, full of elements that boys like such as actions, violence and science fiction.I should have read the original manga,but certainly the original work, I think that the continuation of the movie was drawn like the “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”.I was a high school student and I remember being excited that the original work was more interesting than movie.I do not remember how it was interesting at all.

By the way, director Katsuhiro Otomo seems Japanamation is not a favorite word.I wonder whyI guess that nationality does not matter for good or bad animation work.


Directed By:Michael Arias
CAST:Kazunari Ninomiya/Yu Aoi /Yusuke Iseya

Animation of The second highest masterpiece of Taiyo Matsumoto’s manga!

Directed by Michael Arias.Because this work is being supervised by a person who is not a Japanese, is it really a Japanimation? It becomes uneasy.But it is OK with Japanimation as it is made by a Japanese production company。Even if it says anything, since it is the original work by Taiyo Matsumoto I love, I can not go on to be in the rankings.While manga live-action movies often have failed works, I think that manga animation is relatively compatible.

The difficulty with animation is a voice actor selection. Kazunari Ninomiya as Kuro,Yu Aoi as Shiro was exactly the same as my image.Especially Shiro was a surprising selection, but it was a voice as imaged.”Hello.This is a Shiro member.Over to you!” Of Shiro’s line became a little buzzword at my home at that time.

I think that it is satisfactory workmanship for the original fan as well.However, it may be difficult to understand if you do not read the original at all, so before or after watching the movie, you can enjoy the original work by all means as well.

 Whisper of the Heart

Directed By:Yoshifumi Kondo
CAST:Brittany Snow/Cary Elwes/Courtney Thorne-Smith

Feel butterflies in your stomach

I think that it is better for one work to put pure love animation movies.When you watched this movie you realized true meaning of “butterflies in your stomach” for the first time.Because this movie draw an ideal junior high school student’s romance too much, some people seem to be disgusted by the gap with their reality after watching this movie.Yeah I can understand that feeling.
Anyway the main character girl “Shizuku” is very popular with boys, handsome “Seiji” whose She is in love is aiming for a violin craftsman.Too much lovely love.

Regarding handsome “Seiji”,If he aims for a violinist I can understand him.As long as he is learning the violin since childhood, it is natural that there is a dream of being a violinist on that extension.But what on earth can junior high school students have a nice and cultural dream that they want to become a craftsmen who makes violins.What food makes him so nice young man.The Main character of “Garden of Words” also aimed at shoe craftsman, I thought it was a disagreeable dream much more, but he was a high school student and I can understand it yet.But Seiji is only junior high school student!

I can not find a goal that makes me crazy even if I live for over 40 years I, I envy it than lovely love.If you do not compare the brilliant romance of the characters with your romantic love, you will be able to watch this movie without hurting.

 The Boy and the Beast

Directed By:Mamoru Hosoda
CAST:Luci Christian/Eric Vale/John Swasey/Bryn Apprill

It makes even “the beast” burst into a flood of tears

I liked the novel called “Daichi no Ko”written by Toyoko Yamazaki.The main charactar is China residual orphans.In the last scene the main charactar selects to live with parents raised in China who are not related by birth.I thought strongly at that time, no matter what blood relationship is.This movie also depicts the relationship between parents and children beyond blood.

It is a story that transcends the boundary line of the type of living thing, not the blood but also the boundary of reality and fantasy.It is a wonderful part of Japanimation that makes us easily cross the boundary line.Director Mamoru Hosoda is good at such expression.

I cried very much at the movie theater.But I was not ashamed since many people were crying as well.I will say without fear of misunderstanding.If you can not cry by watching this movie, you are not human being!

 My Neighbor TOTORO

Directed By:Hayao Miyazaki
CAST:Noriko Hidaka/Chika Sakamoto/Shigesato Itoi

Highest peak of fantasy animation

I think that there are various opinions, but since this is my ranking that I decide I would like to declare with confidence。Best masterpiece directed by Hayao Miyazaki is My Neighbor TOTORO.

Although I have only seen it once through from the beginning to the end,I think that if I count the number of times I watched it in part,it is 10 times or more because it is broadcasted on TV as much.I do not think that TOTORO or Cat Bass is actually there, but I think that I want it to be, and can sympathize with the existence of a mysterious creature that can only be seen in children.

Nonetheless, if I actually met TOTORO or a cat bus, I would run running crying out and running away.I think that it will be a horror movie instead of a fantasy if you make a live-action version of TOTORO. This is why Kiki’s Delivery Service is turned into a live-action movie but TOTORO is not made into a live-action movie.


Directed By:Mamoru Hosoda

CAST:Aoi Miyazaki/Takao Osawa/Haru Kuroki

Even if Hayao Miyazaki retires, Japan has Hosoda Mamoru!

I think Hayao Miyazaki is the best director of animation that Japan is proud of.After knowing that Miyazaki stated that he will retire from the director after the completion of “The Wind Rises”,I assume many people thought that we could not see the new work of Miyazaki animation any longer. I feel the same way too.

But do not worry.Director Miyazaki has made Japan a producer of superior animation directors.It is like Brazil which comes up with a lot of superstars that are said to be once in ten years, for example by football.In Japan, a lot of successors of Hayao Miyazaki are growing up.Director Mamoru Hosoda is favorite in these candidate.I was convinced that when I watched this movie.There are many good works of director Hosoda, but is not it the best?Many people like “SUMMER WARS”, but I like it a lot.

There are a couple of settings that are crazy in this story, but it is accepted quite obediently mysteriously.For example,at the beginning of the story, the man who the main character girl loved is revealed to be a wolf man.But there was not any problem.
“OK.Good.So?”It was such feeling.I was caught crying at the end after being pulled into a story with such a feeling.

Have you enjoyed this ranking?Of course there are many other good animation movies.Making ranking I noticed that Japanese animation is more targeted to adults than other countries.If you have a recommendation Japanamation movie please do vote on CHANNELCINEMA.COM

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